Fostering Motivation and Confidence through Assessment

Assessment is designed to motivate and foster student learning and confidence, rather than be solely a source of anxiety

Provide clear expectations about assessment activities and give students opportunities to practice, through learning activities, the kinds of tasks they will be asked to complete during assessment activities.


Specifications Grading (Interview with Dr. Kyla Flanagan)

Student Reading Reflections (Interview with Dr. Karen Bourrier)

Online Video Assignments (Interview with Dr. Carol Johnson)


Key Skills Computerised Assessments. Guiding Principles: Sue Drew, Louise Thorpe & Phil Bannister (2002)

Empirically Exploring Higher Education Cultures of Assessment: Matthew B. Fuller, Susan T. Skidmore, Rebecca M. Bustamante and Peggy C. Holzweiss

Core principles effective assessment: James, McInnis and Devlin (2002)

University of Calgary Campus Mental Health Strategy:

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