Assessment is an ongoing process that varies across subjects and levels. This website hopes to provoke thoughts and spark a conversation about effective assessment across our campus community.

Getting Started:

Use the Strategies menu to go a list of effective assessment techniques being used by top instructors at the University of Calgary. You can use the tags and search bar on the right side of the screen to look for specific items. You can also click on the rotating list of the newest posts.

Under the Principles of Assessment menu, you will find a list of all the main principles that should guide the choices we make when deciding how, why and when to assess students. Clicking on any of them will lead you to a page that will describe that principle in greater detail. You will find an explanation of what the principle is, what literature says about it, and specific examples of that principle in action.

There is a growing collection of resources available under the Course Design menu that focus on developing certain aspects of a course (such as rubrics) or that provide more information about innovative assessment methods discussed in strategies.

The Other Resources section contains links to pages on assessment created by various post-secondary institutions and can be helpful if you want to learn more about assessment in general.