In 2017, Lynn Taylor, University of Calgary Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning), and Gabrielle Lindstorm performed an extensive literature review about assessment in post-secondary education. Their findings can be read in a discussion paper, available as a background paper, summary paper, and as part of the Taylor Institute Guide Series

These documents summarize effective student assessment into a series of guiding principles. These principles are broad and not discipline or method specific. They can be used at any level or in any subject. The background literature and specific examples of how these principles translate into practice have been compiled and shared here under the “Principles of Assessment” menu.

The case studies that are featured are from interviews conducted with instructors of various disciplines at the University of Calgary. Many of these instructors are considered leaders and advocates of Teaching and Learning in their fields. Others were recommended by other faculty members due to their innovative and effective assessment methods. Instructors were asked to share specific details about what, why and how they assess students in their courses, and what they would share with others about their assessment experiences. These interviews were condensed into the posts you see.

Unless otherwise specified, all interviews and posts were written by Ashley Weleschuk, an undergraduate research assistant at The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning in the Educational Development Unit