Finding The Examples You Need

What challenges do you face with your assessments? What goals would you like to achieve? Below are a list of 10 common motivations that instructors had for selecting their assessment methods, each with several specific examples from a variety of disciplines.

I am teaching a junior-level or foundational course that is an important prerequisite for other classes. There is lots of content that needs to be covered and assessed.


My department or program requires a certain percentage of the course grade comes from tests or exams. I want to ensure that students use the exams as learning opportunities and that they do not just memorize then forget information.


The main objective for my course is to have students synthesize information in a research or inquiry project. I am interested in exploring various project styles and formats to see which one best fits my students and the content/skills they are learning


Some of the learning outcomes in my course are the development of specific skills. I need to assess students' abilities, not just their knowledge and understanding.


I am teaching an online/blended class or want to assess students using online methods.


I am looking for simple, low-effort ways to improve how I assess students' learning. I do not have time for a complete course re-design, but I want to make my course more engaging for students.


I am ready for a course re-design and am curious about innovative or unique assessment methods.


I want to try using peer assessment in my class, but I need to find ways to ensure that students get value from the both assessing and being assessed by their peers.


I want to emphasize improvement and learning, not just final results. I want to give students consistent feedback throughout the course.


I want to encourage metacognition, self-reflection, and independence in my students. I want to create opportunities for students to self-assess and think about their own learning experiences.


I would like to use assessment strategies that promote inclusivity, resilience, and student choice. There are many different kinds of learners with different goals in my class, and I would like there to be opportunities for everyone to use their strengths .