Two Stage Testing: BIOL 315

June 26, 2017 aweleschuk 1

Culture Shift in Assessment “It’s a really powerful assessment tool because they’re doing a lot of learning from the assessment.” – Dr. Kyla Flanagan Background […]

Peer Feedback: EDER 679

June 21, 2017 aweleschuk 1

Facilitating peer-assessment opportunities  “They can give a lot more individually than I can 20 times over. And they get good at it too.”- Patti Dyjur […]

ePortfolios: UNIV 201

June 15, 2017 aweleschuk 1

Self-Regulation and Academic Integrity   “[Students] were able to say how their learning throughout the course had been connected, but also how it connected to other […]

Structured Controversy: UNIV 201

June 14, 2017 aweleschuk 1

Reflecting Diversity in Assessment “[Students] came away with some really diverse perspectives.” – Robin Mueller Background In the Winter 2017 semester, Dr. Robin Mueller piloted a […]