Designing Inquiry-Based Courses

Inquiry-based learning is a learning style that promotes self-regulation, active learning and discovery. Students are given a question, problem, or case study and have to think critically, research, develop ideas and find solutions or answers. Inquiry-based learning gives students the ability to be in control of their learning.



Question: How can we feed 9 billion people by 2050?

Question: What is a small way I can make a positive difference in a community?

Questions: Why is the place we are visiting different from home? What factors influence the designs and lifestyles in different places?

Question: How is mathematics applied in society outside of the obvious cases? What can media analysis teach us about math?

Question: How does the approach to a piece of Young Adult literature change with the exploration of other texts and scholarly research?

Question: What, if anything, distinguishes the natural and social sciences from one another?